Old School Runescape: How to Level Up Smithing Skill Fast (2023)

By Cody Peterson

There are a wide array of different ways to boost skills in Old School RuneScape. This guide shows the fastest way to level the Smithing skill.

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In Old School RuneScape it is incredibly important that players start working on maxing out their skill levels as quickly as they possibly can. Each skill in the game allows the player to do a range of different things like granting them access to better spells, give them new items to craft, or even defeat their enemies more efficiently. Skill levels are probably the biggest thing that players should focus on in the game.



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While many skills are related to bringing enemies down, the Smithing skill is perfect in that it gives the player a much more varied skill set. With Smithing they are able to craft weapons and armor to help themselves in combat, but they can also create things that can be sold for a pretty hefty profit as well. This guide shows players how to level up their Smithing skill as quickly as possible.

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When deciding to level up a skill players should first decide whether they want to level up a skill as quickly as possible or do so while spending the least amount of money possible. Players who have disposable income can actually level up Smithing relatively quickly because they will be able to purchase all of the required materials for Smithing without issue. They can do this by grabbing the necessary items from the Grand Exchange, Smithing the required items, selling those items off to create more inventory space, and then repeating.

Those players who don't have the required income will need to work harder to acquire all of the necessary items. More than likely they will need to invest some time in their Mining skill as well in order to acquire the required ore for smelting different bars for leveling Smithing. At the end of the day, players will need to decide if they want to spend more time leveling their skills or cut that time in half by spending a boatload of cash. This guide will show the fastest and most efficient ways to earn levels in Smithing.

Players will also need specific items if they want to level up their Smithing skill. Here are the different items that the player will need/want:

  • Hammer (Required) - Obviously the player will need a hammer if they want to Smith items out of the different Metal Bars that they acquire.
  • Water Bucket (Required) - When using the Blast Furnace in the game players will need this to operate it.
  • Coal Bag (Not Required) - This doubles the amount of Coal that the player can carry. While not required it does make the player much more efficient when smelting ore.

Old School RuneScape: Levels 1 to 29

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The very first thing that players will want to do in order to gain levels fast in Smithing is to look for a specific quest called The Knight's Sword Quest. This quest has players help find a replacement ceremonial sword for a squire. By working through this quest the player will earn enough Smithing experience to take them from level one all the way up to level 29. If the player so wishes there are also a few other quests that can get them up to level 36 as well, but this isn't entirely necessary.

Those who really don't want to do quests and would rather directly work on their Smithing skill can instead just create (or purchase) bronze bars and use them to Smith bronze weapons. The trick to this is that every time the player crafts an item they should craft whatever the highest level Bronze weapon available to them is. This will grant them the most amount of experience possible and will allow them to at least break even more than likely.

Old School RuneScape: Levels 30 to 48

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Starting at level 30 in Smithing players should switch what they are crafting to Bronze Platebodies. This armor type will require that the player uses five bronze bars to craft, and will grant the player with about 62.5 points of experience for every one crafted. If the player is wanting to craft the Bronze Bars themselves they can acquire copper and tin ore at East Varrock Mine. If not they can always be purchased at the Shantay Pass shop.

Once players reach level 33 they will then want to switch to Iron Platebodies. In order to craft them, players will need five iron bars apiece, and it will grant them 125 points of experience for each one. Crafting the iron bars themselves can be done by collecting Iron Ore at pretty much every main mine in the game. Once players have this they will be able to use the Ore at a furnace to collect Iron Bars. Players are also able to purchase both Ore and Bars at several different shops in the game.

Old School RuneScape: Levels 49 to 88

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At level 49 players will want to switch from Iron crafting to Steel crafting instead. They will then be able to begin crafting Steel Platebodies, which will require them to use five Steel Bars to craft each one. Each Steel Platebody will grant the player 187.5 points of experience. Players who want to craft Steel Bars will need to combine Iron Ore and Coal at a Furnace. Coal can either be found at Motherlode Mine for members or in one of the Wilderness Mines for non-members. Since these are dangerous options players are also able to just purchase Coal at one of the many different stores or acquire Steel Bars from a monster drop like Steel Dragons.

Upon reaching level 68 players will need to switch from Steel to Mithril if they want to level up quickly. With Mithril they can actually craft the Mithril Platebody, which will grant the player 250 experiences for each one crafted. A Mithril Platebody will require that the player use five Mithril Bars, and each bar can be crafted using one piece of Mithril Ore and four pieces of Coal. In order to find Mithril Ore players will most likely need to search at the Hobgoblin Mine, which can be very dangerous. The player may be better off trying to buy Ore or the Bars at a nearby shop or from another player.

Old School RuneScape: Levels 89 to 99+

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Once players get to level 89 they will want to start using Adamant Smithing rather than Mithril. This will allow the player to start crafting Adamant Platebodies, which will give the player 312.5 points of experience each. In order to craft an Adamant Platebody the player will need to use five Adamantite Bars, which in turn can be crafted by combining together one Adamantite Ore and six pieces of Coal. Adamantite Ore is extremely rare, so the best place to mine it for non-member players is the Mining Guild or the Bandit Camp. They can also try to obtain it from an Adamant Dragon or by purchasing it from a player or a select few shops.

Once players finally reach level 98 they can employ a little trick to gain a huge amount of experience really quickly. All they need to do is either craft or purchase several Dwarven Stouts and then drink one. By drinking it the player can boost their Smithing Skill by one point for a minute. This will put players at the max Smithing Level and allow them to begin crafting Runic equipment, which gives out the highest amount of experience points. Rune Platebodies will cost the player five Runite Bars but will grant them 375 experience points apiece, which is higher than any other craftable item in the game. In order to craft Runite Bars players will need to combine one piece of Runite Ore with eight pieces of Coal at a Furnace. Runite Ore is the rarest in the game and therefore nearly impossible to find and mine out in the world unless the player is very patient. More than likely they will need to spend their money on this ore if they want to get themselves permanently to Smithing Level 99. One of the best bets is to purchase it straight from another character who has some to spare.

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Old School RuneScape can be played on iOS, Android, and PC.

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