(PDF) 2015 “Gathering of the Guilds”€¦ · Denver and surrounding areas. A few of the artisans featured skills in traditional paper making, print making, book arts, ... included samples - DOKUMEN.TIPS (2023)

(PDF) 2015 “Gathering of the Guilds”€¦· Denver and surrounding areas. A few of the artisans featured skills in traditional paper making, print making, book arts, ... included samples - DOKUMEN.TIPS (1)

Issue 34, Vol. 1 www.coloradocalligraphers.com Spring 2015

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This year's event, held at the Boettcher Mansion on Lookout Mountain on Sunday, April 26, brought double the number ofvisitors compared to previous years. The mansion was filled with craftspersons and artisans representing 29 guilds throughoutDenver and surrounding areas. A few of the artisans featured skills in traditional paper making, print making, book arts,weaving, metal smithing, wood working, calligraphy, furniture and fabric arts - only to list a few! Walking through the mansion,one's senses were filled with visual feasting in every room!Many thanks to members Alice Turak, Jill Quillian and Renee Jorgensen for attending the event and visiting with the guests.Newsletters, brochures, and the new guild business cards were handed out as curious viewers watched the calligraphers letternames onto bookmarks in beautiful calligraphic hands.For this event, new member Margaret Gelatt taught and featured the architectural/decorative lettering style of Charles RennieMackintosh. This decorative lettering style is the typeface we know today as "Macintosh." Along with a sample of her lettering,Margaret included a packet with educational information about Charles Mackintosh.

(Read more about this Scottish architect,designer, watercolorist and artist at: www.charlesrenniemac.co.uk.)The room was filled with the color of Jill Quillian's silks, panel boards with samples of wedding and envelope calligraphy, andcut-out lettering on paste paper. Alice Turak brought a stunning variety of beautifully decorated envelopes for display. We alsopresetned a nice arrangement of members' calligraphy, thanks to Margaret Stookesberry and David Ashley. Renee Jorgensenincluded samples of her storybook illuminations to round out what our members are capable of creating.This event occurs every spring at Boettcher Mansion. You are invited to participate next year!

2015 “Gathering of the Guilds”The Colorado Arts & Crafts Society Artisans Guild Forum

(PDF) 2015 “Gathering of the Guilds”€¦· Denver and surrounding areas. A few of the artisans featured skills in traditional paper making, print making, book arts, ... included samples - DOKUMEN.TIPS (2)

This newsletter is produced by theColorado Calligraphers' Guild, a non-profitorganization dedicated to furthering the

education and appreciation of the calligraphicarts in Colorado. Membership in the Guild isopen to all, and annual dues of $30 are used tosponsor the newsletter, special workshops, and

other activities planned by the Guild.Membership inquiries, membership dues,

change of address and correspondence shouldbe sent to:

The Colorado Calligrapher's Guild,P.O. Box 102672,

Denver, CO 80250-2672Membership dues and renewals can be made

online at:www.coloradocalligraphers.com

via PayPal services.

...2013-2014 Officers of the Guild

PresidentAlison Richards [emailprotected] PresidentsTess Vonfeldt-Gross [emailprotected] Jorgensen [emailprotected] Stookesberry [emailprotected] Ferguson [emailprotected] CommitteeAlice Turak [emailprotected] Erfurth [emailprotected]. J. Hamilton [emailprotected] EditorsTess Vonfelldt-Gross [emailprotected] Jorgensen [emailprotected] design and guild logo by Sandy Marvin.Titles by Thomas Hoyer. Submissions of articles &photographs are encouraged: email Newsletter editors

at the above email addresses.

To view a full-color version of this newsletter, visit:coloradocalligraphers.com

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Amazingly, we are almost halfway through the year. When I last wrote, I was inthe January "resolution mode," thinking about decluttering and organizing my workspace and being more diligent about practicing. Although I am not satisfied with my ownprogress in those areas, I did get excited with learning some new ways of working fromSuzanne Moore’s workshop. There is a review elsewhere in the newsletter, but I'llmention one of the approaches she gave, which was helpful to me, was about therelationship of the "work" to the edges of the paper.

We started out writing on two large overlapping papers, making sure we wroteoff the page on two sides. In this way, we had fragments of the writing on each paper.Then we picked an area to cut out, based on viewing in a mask which we moved over thepage. This method meant that we had design elements to work with instead of startingwith a blank page. The pieces we each ended up with, as you can see in the photoselsewhere in the newsletter, were like little jewels, especially with the gold gilding. Ireally appreciated this process.

Unfortunately this workshop came after our Annual Members’ Exhibition atBemis Library (thanks to DJ Hamilton for organizing), so there were no pieces thereinfluenced by Suzanne’s teaching. Maybe we will see results next year. The variety ofwork at the exhibition made a good show, though I wish we had more memberssubmitting pieces. Plan now to enter at least one or more pieces in our exhibition nextyear.

If you attend a calligraphy conference or take a workshop elsewhere, pleaseconsider writing a report for our newsletter. We would like to learn about what youexperience, and the process of writing it will help you put into perspective what youlearned.

The annual Summer Picnic is approaching. One of our new members suggestedwe have a program to make "weathergrams," which were started by Lloyd Reynolds atReed College in Portland, as a way to practice calligraphy and pay tribute to nature. Thehaiku-like text is written out on brown grocery bag paper and then hung on a tree branchto “weather”. Have you ever made weathergrams? The invitation to our annual picnicwill provide further information. I hope to see you there.

Congratulations to member Jill Berry who has successfully recovered from a delicatesurgery! Jill will return to teaching her delightful workshops soon!

Watch for dates and news through our guild email and on her website @ JillBerryDesign.com

Join us on Facebook!

This year's CCG show represented many of ourguild members' most celebrated works. From t-shirtdesigns to traditional illumination, quotes andpoems, the love for lettering and design wasenjoyed by guests throughout the gallery.

: Bemis Library Gallery in Littleton, Colorado

(PDF) 2015 “Gathering of the Guilds”€¦· Denver and surrounding areas. A few of the artisans featured skills in traditional paper making, print making, book arts, ... included samples - DOKUMEN.TIPS (3)

Fourteen lucky participants joined Suzanne Moore at St. John’s Cathedral in downtown Denver. They have aHeritage Edition of the St. John’s Bible visiting them until September and Suzanne Moore, having been part ofthat project, was invited to give a couple of lectures. She thoughtfully tacked on a couple of days beforehand tofor a Friday-Saturday workshop prior to her lecture on SundaySuzanne was extremely generous with her materials, time, guidance and sharing of her own work. We couldhave been kept busy for weeks!We started by looking over the color photocopies of images we were each to bring – an illumination and amagazine page whose colors jumped out. Everyone seemed to find it interesting that even though these werechosen separately, there was almost always a correlation in shape / composition and color.We were also meant to bring a quote, from which we chose one word or phrase. Then with a variety of tools,we experimented writing it out with sumi ink undernoted with gouache, on large sheets of paper that wereoverlapped & jogged and of different weights. Part of the objective was to write it without concern forlegibility, and more for interest, experimentation and visual feel of the words’ meaning. With a 4”x4”

viewfinder we then honed in on an area we found intriguing and added gouache color based on the palette from our magazine & illuminationexamples. She kept a fine-mist spray bottle and single-ply absorbent paper on hand. The spray was helpful in keeping areas wet, helpful formany moments, like when doing washes of color on larger areas and needing to be able to keep pulling the color across the area. The tips ofthe single ply paper would absorb little areas where ink pooled accidentally; or when applied to larger shapes of gouache mid-dry, wouldleave wonderful borders of color.Some of the tips I found the most interesting were her practices working with gouache: keep a mixing brush exclusive for each color family– yellows, reds, blues, whites, blacks; leave paint in the brush rather than wash it - since gouache can be reconstituted with water, why wasteit?; keep the palette of gouache on a different surface to the one you are working on; some gouache colors in the oxide, blue and blackfamilies may turn into a cottage-cheese texture with the addition of glair and will not go back into solution.Of course, there was also time to add some gold!In tandem with working on our composition, we talked about and tested techniques of the trade. On pieces of the different papers, wepainted samples of our plain gouache and then with egg-white glair. We laid gold leaf with a size of PVA and finely ground pigment (likeIndian Oxide), and burnished it through different papers and fabrics to achieve a variety of patterns & textures.To paraphrase Suzanne, she said she uses glair as a binder in her gouache when she wants to be able to paint over gouache, to create adepth of color and light through layering – something we usually cannot do with water-based pigments. Because the glair helps "close" thepaint, it also creates a possibility to add gilding after painting.Similarly, she shared a technique to size papers that are generally too thirsty for writing on, or even a favorite like BFK to allow a littlemore wiggle room to correct a mistake while writing! Using a 5:1 ratio of water to UVLS Golden Polymer Satin Varnish, saturate the paperand line dry.Suzanne shared a lot of entertaining and interesting stories about her work, processes, and the St. John’s Bible project. Apparently hershower was often occupied by the large vellum pages to hydrate them enough to be worked on – a fun picture to imagine!She encouraged us to always keep notes on our processes and techniques because inevitably we’ll forget the details that make all thedifference and we’ll have to re-invent the wheel - the exact amount of ink that created that great tone, or the colors of gouache we mixed toget that unusual pink, or the number of sheets of paper we put under the writing that gave that great spring.One great gem – to reduce the anxiety of making a mistake on a commission and then getting behind, make three copies while working soyou have an instant backup if something goes wrong!

Visting Artist and Calligrapher Suzanne MoorePigment & Leaf Workshop

by Megan Goodenough

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(PDF) 2015 “Gathering of the Guilds”€¦· Denver and surrounding areas. A few of the artisans featured skills in traditional paper making, print making, book arts, ... included samples - DOKUMEN.TIPS (4)

P.O Box 102672Denver, CO 80250-2672

This space of the newsletter is now reserved for members'calligraphic works!

Submit a sample of your work and you may be featured here!

Please send a good digital photo or scan to either Renee orTess' email.

Envelope Embellishments & Sidewalk Calligraphywith Geoff Ferguson.........................................Saturday, June 27thLearn Basic Italics with Renee Jorgensen......Saturday, July 25th

Be sure to check our website for further details!To reserve your seat for a workshop, please send a check to:

Colorado Calligraphers’ GuildP. O. Box 102672, Denver, CO 80250-2672.

Or pay on-line with a credit card at:www.coloradocalligraphers.com/members.

Join us for this summer'sColorado Calligraphers'

Guild Picnic!All members are invited to attend apotluck at Margaret Stookesberry’shome on June 14 at 6 p.m. The guildwill supply brats, buns and lemonade.Please bring a dish to share and anyalcoholic libation you may desire.

Please RSVP by June 10th to: [emailprotected] will be making weathergrams!

Review your email invite for more information! Uncial by Renee Jorgensen

Mark These Workshop Dates!

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