The 25 Most Luxurious Hotels in New York City - SWAGGER Magazine (2023)


The 25 Most Luxurious Hotels in New York City - SWAGGER Magazine (1)

Sometimes you just want to indulge a little bit and spend time in a truly fancy hotel in the heart of a bustling jewel of a city, but you find yourself overwhelmed by the many options available to you. Read on as we list twenty-five of the most decadent hotels in wonderful New York City!

Lotte New York Palace

The Palace and the Towers are an award winning pair of hotels in the heart of Manhattan that combine Art Deco style and modern styling into a sumptuously designed building that makes you feel like a movie star from the moment you enter the doors. Each room offers 24/7 room service and they have extensive spa treatments and a gym for all your wellness needs.

The Michelangelo

The Michelangelo boasts stunning suites, each of them is 40m2 or larger! Located mere minutes from the Rockefeller Centre, Times Square, 5th Avenue and Broadway there couldn’t be a better location for your holiday at this exclusive boutique hotel. They are also partnered with NOMI Beauty, providers of some of the best in-room hair and makeup consultants in the world. And, of course, the concierge service will be right there to help you plan your day and make your holiday spectacular.

The Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown

When you think of luxury hotels, the Four Seasons is near the top of the list, and for very good reason! This hotel is the home of CUT, Wolfgang Puck’s first Manhattan restaurant and provides some of the best food you will ever have the pleasure of eating. The spa services are in-depth, fully customizable and there are four residents healers to consult and a well-equipped gym. This hotel is especially friendly for families with children or those who cannot bear to leave their cat or dog behind.

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The Surrey

Recently voted the number one hotel in New York, The Surrey is the perfect hotel for those seeking an oasis of calm amidst the bustling city. Complete with its own Michelin starred restaurant and a garden terrace for dinner and discussion. Add in the large rooms and their expansive list of services and amenities, it’s no wonder this hotel allows for long stays.

The Sofitel New York

Contemporary and right in the middle of Manhattan, the elegant Sofitel boasts a modern glass exterior, yet exudes an air of refined 1930s French art deco style once you step inside. This hotel is a short walk from Broadway, Times Square and all the other tourist hot spots, yet inside you feel as calm and secluded as if you were on the French Riviera. Don’t forgot to check out their Art Deco inspired French restaurant. Additional services can be added for extra cost.

The Library Hotel

This little gem has a unique concept: it’s designed around books and libraries, so it’s perfect for those who need a little peace and quiet. All rooms come stocked with a themed collection of books and there is free access to all books via a special eBook app. The in-house restaurant cooks exquisite food, and one of the upper floors boasts an open air cocktail bar. Why not enhance your stay by booking one of their specialty packages to handpick your own complementary books, wines or flower arrangements for a special person?

The Hotel Plaza Athenee

A discreet hotel on the upper east side of Manhattan, this getaway is perfect for those who want to get away from it all. Home to one of Manhattan’s most intimate, romantic bars and an upscale, refined restaurant where you feel like nobility. Perfect for those looking to celebrate an anniversary.

The Whitby Hotel, New York

Designed by the famous Kit Kemp, the Whitby Hotel is a haven of contemporary art and architecture a mere two blocks from Central Park. Home to its own theatre, bar, restaurant and spa, there’s no shortage of things to do before you even set foot outside your hotel. All their suites come with floor to ceiling windows, and for those planning their wedding, the Whitby is more than happy to help plan it from start to finish.

The Greenwich Hotel

Conceived of by Robert DeNiro, this hotel is out in the suburbs of New York, roughly 23km from LaGuardia Airport. Famed for its underground pool and fitness centre, they highlight the gem that is the Shibui Spa. Located in a two hundred and fifty year old farmhouse, this Japanese inspired wellness centre offers traditional Japanese hot tubs, individualized spa concierge services, massages and poolside yoga to help you unwind from the stresses of the city.

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The Mercer Hotel

Found in the heart of Soho, the Mercer prides itself on being intimate and subtle. With their philosophy that every staff member is a guest’s personal concierge and the front desk as their private secretary, this hotel boasts absolute discretion. Dine in at the Mercer Kitchen, run by by the famous Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and enjoy the sumptuous food, then retire to your room to play computer games or have your very own personal trainer or masseur give you the perfect ending to the day.

The Broome Hotel

Another secluded Soho gem, the Broome Hotel provides upscale rooms that make you feel as if you were in a private guesthouse in the country. With farm-to-table breakfasts every morning, private art collections to peruse and a private open-air patio, you can ignore the hustle and bustle of New York and sink into calm countryside.

Baccarat Hotel and Residences New York

Intricately designed in a Parisian style and with Baccarat crystals in every room, this hotel is considered one of the best hotels in the world. Every reservation comes with a free host to show you around the spa, swimming pool, in-house French restaurant, fitness centre and it even offers city cars for guests to use.

The Soho Grand Hotel and the Roxy Hotel

With over three hundred rooms showcasing New York’s magnificent skyline, the Soho Grand and it’s sister location have a massive array of amenities for anyone at either location to use. The Roxy has its own jazz club and cinema showing independent films. Both hotels come with 24 hour room service and in-house dining, and the Soho has a large fitness centre.

The Sherry Netherland

This ninety year old hotel has been a high class boutique since its opening, and its prime location mere minutes from Madison Square continues to make it an attraction for the elite. Each spacious room is decorated with handmade antiques and modern amenities – and they’re pet friendly too! The Sherry not only has its own restaurant, fitness centre and spa, but a hair salon and barbershop to help you look the very best before you go out on the town.

The St. Regis New York

Located within walking distance of Times Square, the Empire State Building and a New York landmark in its own right, the St. Regis has over one hundred years to refine its timeless elegance. The hotel has made its mark in another way too; its bar is the home of the world-famous cocktail.. Stop by the King Cole for a Bloody Mary, then take advantage of the hotel’s Bentley car service for a private driver around the bustling heart of New York. Order room service from your private butler and unwind in your luxurious marble bathroom.

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The Chantal

Just like the St. Regis, The Chantal is one of the Marriot luxury hotels. Their claim to fame is not just the prime location, but their unparalleled spa and its in-depth services. Take advantage of your personal butler to get everything hand delivered to your door, then borrow one of the complementary bikes and a picnic basket to explore the streets of New York. This hotel is also pet and child friendly.

The Ritz-Carlton, New York, Central Park

Few hotel chains are as famous as the Ritz, and this is one of the few to steadfastly remain one of the best luxury hotels in any city. This iconic Art Deco hotel has been revamped to a modern, clean aesthetic without losing any of its charm or classic appeal. Private butlers, bartenders and servers can be provided upon request, and each room has its own workspace and bespoke mini-bar. The Ritz-Carlton also allows large pets, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your beloved animals at home. Their Swiss spa and fitness centre have been revamped for the twenty-first century.

The Beekman Hotel

Voted the best hotel in New York, this hotel is surprisingly cheap considering its excellent reputation and services. The design of the hotel honors the site’s two hundred year old history and its old world architecture whilst infusing it with modern flair. Of special note is the unique nine-storey high skylight richly decorated in the Victorian style and a true highlight of the hotel. The Beekman also has its own luxury car service, a 24 hour fitness centre, three stunning restaurants and a Japanese themed underground bar and theatre.

The Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin cunningly designs each of its rooms and suites around a stunning view of the New York skyline. New York itself is the central feature in the cleanly designed rooms so you can take in the beauty of one of the world’s most famous cities. The restaurants are almost absurdly decadent, especially the Aviary and its eight course Kitchen Table. The spa offers individualized care and relaxation pools to ease the aches of exploring New York,

The Peninsula, New York

This two hundred and thirty-nine room hotel is right on 5th Avenue combines secluded opulence with New York living, only a short walk from Times Square, Broadway and many other nearby landmarks. Every room is spacious and warmly decorated, but the cream of the crop is the Peninsula Suite: personalized sleep services, round trip airport transfers and luxury drinks. Every customer also has the option to hire bespoke vehicles and be taken on a personal tour of New York with a knowledgeable chauffeur.

The three restaurants range from contemporary American cuisine to an exquisite rooftop salon to relax, drink wine and converse the night away. When you’re ready to explore New York, take advantage of the Academy and get private, behind-the-scenes looks at many historical landmarks, museums and theatres.

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The Mark

A block away from Central Park, the sleek hotel’s interior is bold and colorful thanks to the French designer Jacque Grange. The restaurant, bar and room service are created by Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and Frederic Fekkai has a hair salon for those who want impeccable styling. All of the rooms are pet friendly, and for the smaller ones there is no extra charge. When you’re ready to leave your comforting rooms, avail yourself of a complementary bike or pedicab for a cruise around the centre of New York.

The Pierre, A Taj Hotel

The Pierre is a centrally located neoclassic hotel within easy walking distance of numerous sights and subway stations, and has hosted royalty, heads of state and numerous celebrities since it opened. A fine dining restaurant offers the three main meals of the day and The Rotunda has live jazz music to liven up your evening.

Pet and child friendly, this hotel offers milk and cookies to your children during the nightly turndown service. There are additional 24 hour gym and business spaces for those who need them and a friendly, highly experienced concierge team ready to help you with your needs.

Park Hyatt

The midtown Park Hyatt is excellently located near several tourist hotspots and business centres making it perfect for holiday getaways and business ventures. The modern feel is gilded with a luxurious edge that highlights the comfort atmosphere, and many rooms and suites come with their own terrace for you to enjoy the exciting view of New York.

The fitness centre, spa and pool are full of state of the art equipment perfect for helping you to destress after a long day in New York. The restaurant and bar provide exquisite food for anyone who enjoys modern American cuisine.

The Knickerbocker

This hotel found right in the heart of Times Square has three hundred and thirty rooms and suites of elegant, understated luxury with absolutely spectacular views, especially from the upper floors and the rooftop bar and terrace.

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Each room comes with a bedside tablet, free minibar and the ability to request in-room hair, make up, spa and massage services for an extra price. The world famous chef Charlie Palmer has a restaurant here and the fitness centre is one of the best around. Pet friendly and with free car service within fifteen blocks of the hotel, it’s the perfect place to stay for those who want to be indulgent.

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